A simple, unscripted attempt at conversation in the age of polarization and social unraveling......

"Going South" is a social issues podcast based in the Deeeeeep South where folks from different political orientations attempt to discuss social issues, politics, and life with one another. These conversations are not intended to be a debate or an effort to change someone's mind about an issue. The purpose is to better understand how people move through and see the world.

Guidelines for Conversations

* Folks agree to talk about and focus on one to two social issues or large questions.
* Folks agree to be respectful of one another, you know no talking over one another, no interrupting, no name calling, and no personal attacks, no screaming or shouting, etc.
* Folks agree to also make an effort to explore the commonalities that we share as humans.

GS name is Mark Patrick George and I seems like there is no shortage of white guys with podcasts these days. Noting that, let me try to explain why there is now one more.

I live in rural south Georgia, a place where liberal and progressive voices have no public outlets or forums. What few media outlets exist here (e.g. print, radio) cater to an extremely conservative, and typically fundamentalist evangelical, political worldview. This effectively silences and censors folks by excluding and drowning out all other viewpoints in the process. Having repeatedly asked over the years to be included on conservative talk shows, and having those requests denied or ignored, and in an effort to provide a space for other perspectives and voices, viewpoints that will also challenge me to see where I am misguided as a fallible human, Going South was launched. So here we are........ :)


Please check back for upcoming episodes.

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